And so the adventure begins

Hello lovelies,

today is the start of my new blog! I am pretty excited since I am working now with wordpress and I am definitely not used to it. Some of you may know that my first blog ‘Lolita goes bad’ was on which is way easier. So let me answer some questions first:

Why did I start a new blog?
Because in my opinion the previous one was not my style anymore. I finally took the chance and asserted my actual clothing style I craved for so long and now I reached a phase where I am pretty satisfied with it and that makes me happy.
Furthermore I am not a big fan of Lolita fashion anymore as I was before. Therefor was the name a bit out of place for me. I still love the aesthetics, the outfits and especially the people I got to know through it and I am still going to wear Lolita fashion but way less than before.

Why is your blog called ‘Witchy Vibes’?
It is called like that because I believe it describes my final clothing style and lifestyle pretty good. Additionally I love supernatural and peculiar items, stories, movies and similar so I can totally see myself also writing about it.

About what do you want to post?
So my main topics are fashion and outfits, photography and DIY stuff and what else happens in my life I like to write in travel posts or just random ones.

So, if there are any questions I did not answer at all or you would like to know about anything special let me know it in the comments!
Thank you for your time,


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4 thoughts on “And so the adventure begins

  1. Well if you are so much into witchy fashion why are you not trying to become a witch? I don’t know if you are aware of that, but you give the impression that your blog is about witchcraft and witchcraft is a thing.
    Anyways, I love your logo. Simple and beautiful.


    1. Hello Maja, I am also interested in it but I still need to get some more information and learn about the different forms and practices so I can post about it! Thank you for telling me your opinion!


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