☆ Witch Worldwide ☆


Hello lovelies,

today I want to introduce you to Witch Worldwide. This is brand is based in Los Angeles, California. They say from themselves they are ‘for good witches and bad bitches’ and I like that slogan a lot. WWW mainly focuses on clothing, accessories and jewelry. I found them through their Instagram here.
I bought from them following items:

So these are all the things which were in the parcel for me:


Everything was nicely packaged and nothing was deformed or damaged. They even added some cute stickers and flyers with it! The package arrived really quickly and I paid via Paypal – so no problems with that!


For a pretty long time I was searching for a affordable and good looking coffin pin until I found this one 😀 And the goddess or triple moon pin is just pure love too! Both have a silver metal clasp to secure the pin on your preferred clothing.


I am a huge fan of buttons! In my opinion they can spice up any outfit and make it look more ‘edgy’. Pins are way more sophisticated than buttons ( my thoughts!) so Pins also go with elegant outfits 😀 I love the symbols and sayings of them – every witch needs a pentacle button!


And these beauties were the main reason for me to order from Witch Worldwide! Here are the witch symbols sunglasses! Aren´t they gorgeous?? First of all I love big and round, black sunnies! Furthermore I love small details and symbols, so here is the perfect item for me 😀


In my next post I show you some outfits with the items I got from Witch Worldwide!
What do you think about the brand?
What is your favourite item from them?

Let me know  it in the comments!



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