Witch Symbols

Hello lovelies,

here is one of my first outfits featuring the new Witch Worldwide items I introduced to you here. It was pretty warm and sunny this day so I had a relaxing day out with my boyfriend. I am really looking forward to going to some festivals this summer like Nova Rock or Summer Breeze so I think I got some festival feelings with this look too.
Of course I had to incorporate my new sunglasses and the crop top:

PicMonkey Image

On Lookbook

Hat, Kimono, Shorts: H&M // Crop Top, Shades, Buttons: Witch Worldwide // Shoes: CCC // Tote Bag: Meinhard // Necklace: Claire´s (old)


I love those shades for being so huge and round but still showing my eyebrows. For me it looks so funny to see people or me with big sunglasses and no eyebrows^^ And the dark lilac of the glass is so nice aswell!


Oldie but goldie – this is the best description of this necklace! I bought it once at Claire´s together with a long necklace, also with a big black cross on it. It was the time I got into Harajuku Fashion and crosses were THE thing but I was too unconfident to wear such religious symbols out without really believing in it.


Those shorts are so nice with their lace- like hem line. I could totally use them also for cuter and elegant looks ! The Kimono is also a piece like that, I can dress it up and/or use it for a festival or for going to the beach. I love the velvety pattern on there so much 🙂


My eye make-up was pretty simple that day – some red/bronzy eye shadow you barely see on this picture and eyeliner.


For the lips I chose to go bold with a liquid lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics. It is the colour Vixen, a dark brown red. I wear them way too seldom but I am so insecure and lazy when it comes to wearing them in everyday life. I hate to refresh them after every meal so much xD Do you feel the struggle with me? Some of the buttons landed on my bag from Meinhard, a german musician I like and know personally. They really suit them over-all black and white theme of the look.


What do you do about your daily liquid lipsick struggles?
Let me know what do you think about my outfit!
I am always happy to read some comments from you! Critics and praise is welcome 😉
Thank you for stopping by!



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