Crafty Coven: Palmistry

Hello lovelies,

today I want to talk about a new project I started with some friends! We call it Crafternoon and I call it on my blog now ‘Crafty Coven’ 🙂 Just friday we met at my place and had our first crafternoon together. Two of them worked on their scrap books, one did some pretty pastel chalk works and I did the palmistry hand and some bullet journaling. Lately I wanted to have also some witchy decoration in my flat and I did not like the ones you can buy online so I DIYed it:


You need:
~ jewelry/ decoration stand in hand form (from Amazon)
~ pencil and eraser
~ Edding pens in your desired colour and size
~ paper to protect the surface you work on


I printed out some pictures of palmistry hands and drawings where to find which lines and made sketches onto the hand with the pencil. It was not a problem to erase any pencil lines! So these are the first drawings I made. When I was happy with the outcome I chose a thin Edding pen in silver and started to trace the lines. And that was all I did, isn’t it easy?

Here is the outcome! I can totally see gold or rose gold as a colour for the lines too! So the palm was full of signs and lines but the backside was still just plain black. I am also a huge fan of Henna tattoos so I decided to doodle some Mehndi on there. Here are some detail pictures of it:



It totally motivated me to do some Henna on myself again! Last summer I bought some tubes and I guess I used it twice or three times? Well, without doubt I used it not enough! So, I really am looking forward to the summer or at least days without less humidity.


I am especially in love with finger and bracelet Henna tattoos – I adore this style so much I am considering to get a permanent tattoo in this style ❤


In my opinion the DIY is pretty simple but really effective. If you like to make it yourself and way cheaper than to buy it from somewhere this is the best way to do so! All in all it cost me about 10 € and this was the hand I bought, I had the rest already at home.

I hope you liked the first DIY here!
There are definitely more to come from me and our Crafty Coven 🙂
If you try the DIY yourself post a picture in the comments or tag me on it! I would love to see your art works!
Thank you!


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