Witch Casket: May 2017

IMG_9544beHello lovelies,

this month I got my first Witch Casket! This is a subscription box I found on Instagram which gets sent to you every month. I really loved the items of April but sadly ordered one day too late to get it 😦 Witch Casket was created by a mother and daughter who wanted to bring some magick into lives of others and cater to witches around the world. Each month has a specific theme, so all the items match altogether. The theme of this month is ‘Divination’:


So this is the box you get sent to you. I already took off the black plastic wrap whic protects it on the way to you.


When you open it up you see these two sheets first. On the left side you see the list of content and some further explanation to the box, on the right you see a nice thank you -letter from Deb & Ella, the two who foundet the Witch Casket, and a business card.


This is the list of content so you can see what everything is and also check if everything is here. Undeneath you can see all items as a flatlay:


I really love the colour theme going on through all the box, even the wrapping paper was lavender coloured. Now onto some close-ups:


Here we got an A-grade Amethyst tumble stone with an information card, a Three of Swords Pin Badge and a Lavender Heart-shaped soap.IMG_9540be

A prophetic Dream Spell Kit and a Divination Tea with its instructions were also included. Both items are Witch Casket exclusive! The candles and the sticker are really gorgeous I do not want to use them 😀


The parchment scroll holds some further information about Divination. Some Incense sticks in the scent ‘Pagan Magic’ were also included. I cannot really tell the scent of it but finally I have a reason to buy an incense burner to use the sticks. 🙂 I also got some Chakra balancing earrings you see blurred in the front of the pic. I do not really wear dangly earrings, so I think I give them to someone else.IMG_9545be

In the Witch Casket of March there was a pretty drinking glass shaped like a skull in it, I really wanted that ! But I am also okay with this potion bottle, I think I could use it for decoration. Another thing I did not expectet to get is this crystal ball from Cindy Grundsten. I am not sure if I ever will use crystal ball for anything. For now it is also a pretty decoration for me.


One reason for me  to buy the Witch Casket Subscription box was definitely the beautiful art work and sticker which come every month with it. The Palmistry Sticker is again Witch Casket exclusive which makes it even more precious. The Crystl Ball Art print is by Ayy Kaplan, an artist based in the UK.

All in all I have to say I am pretty happy with nearly all of the items of this months Witch Casket. The only thing I am not really keen on are the Chakra Balancing earrings because they are not really my style.
What are your opinions to subscription boxes?
Which one do you like or have subscribed to?
What do you think about Witch Casket?



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