Killstar Haul June 2017

IMG_9561vbeHello lovelies,

recently I ordered from Killstar, one of my most favourite alternative brands from England, again! I nearly do it every 2 months because the brand always gets new clothing or accessories I absolutely want xD This time I also got a coupon from my friends and they had 20 percent off so I ordered even more 😀 In total I got 9 items for me:IMG_9552beMy parcel contained:
* Seraphina Loverz Backpack
* Unplugged Woven Maxi Dress
* My Eye T-Shirt
* Bug T-Shirt
Dark Side T-Shirt
Morning Person T-Shirt
Cult Leggings
People Tank
* Spirit Board II
IMG_9553beThe main reason why I wanted to order was the Seraphina Loverz Backpack! I always wanted one of these backpacks with the clear window heart cut-outs (something like this) but they were too basic and cute for me xD


This one is just perfect! It got the clear cut- out shaped like a heart, got studs around it and a pentagram ❤
I do not like to have everything visible in my backpack, so I am pretty pleased the window feature takes away some of the see-through material.IMG_9567beThe second item I immediately knew I had to order was the Unplugged Woven Maxi Dress, also from their latest collection. I love the dark plaid, the long flowy design, the writing on the back of it and the buttons which came with the dress.


I am pretty sure I am not going to wear this as a dress as it would supposed to be. I am more into wearing it like a long flowy cardigan with shorts and a top underneath! At first I was unsure if the dress would be too long on me but with a bit of a heel it does not reach the ground xD
IMG_9587beNext up is a T-Shirt which is already extra long. I hope I can use it as a T-Shirt dress or pair it with leggings! I love all those creepy eyeballs on it and the big Killstar brand underneath it which is also at the back of it. It reminds me a lot of J-Fashion somehow!

IMG_9586beI ordered some grey shirts to break the all-black in my wardrobe! I really like this used-looking colour and the writing on the shirts too. This pun and the gothy font are everything 😀
IMG_9580beI already own this print on a split dress (like this) but I love the moon so much I wanted it on a plain shirt aswell. I cannot really explain why I like it so much, maybe it is the combination of the moon and a skull?
IMG_9572beI do not have problems to get up early but I bought it in honour of my boyfriend who needs at least 3 alarm clocks and me to get up xD I also like the fire-like font of it a lot.

IMG_9575beThese leggings are one of my most worn pieces of all my Killstar clothings, so I ordered a second pair because the first one is soon broken. I wore them to various events, at home and even to Japan! I am pretty obsessed with and emotionally attached to them 😀

IMG_9550beThis tank top is a piece I hestitated to buy. First I would not buy it because there is pink in it, second I do not have a huge problem with people and third not many people would understand what it should mean and mistake it for a brand name. Well, I bought it then because of some people that made me say that and I thought about more colour in my wardrobe xD I am pretty excited to hear some reactions to it!IMG_9557beLast but not least I bought my first Spirit Board or Ouija Board. I really liked the first design which sold out so fast I could not get one. This is their second design which I really like too! The planchette is way more detailed and they also incorporated the skull moon again. The hanging pendulums in each corner remind me of some dotwork tattoos I really love.

Phew, that was everything! Now all my new clothes were in the washing machine and now hag to dry so I can wear them soon!
Be prepared for some outfits with them 🙂
Which item do you like best?
Let me know it in the comments!



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