To Pierce Or Not To Pierce?


Hello lovelies,

here is a new ouftit from me! I wore it to my boyfriend´s birthday party where we had some friends at our place! It was a pleasant evening/ night with loads of fun and music. I opted for a comfortable outfit with leggings and a oversized shirt. Of course I did not wear shoes or a bag at home but I think they really completed the outfit:

PicMonkey Imagee

On Lookbook

Shirt: Boohoo // Bag, Leggings, Shoes: Killstar // Ring: Six


This time I start with the make up! So I opted for grey eye shadow and my regular black eyeliner. I also found a nice eyebrow powder for me I really like to use now! Additionally I bought some fake septums because I really like the look of it on women I see on the internet. But I am not sure about it if it is something for me and/or if I have the guts to let it pierce!


Somehow I really miss a necklace . . it is like a stable piece in every of my outfits but with the straps of the shirt it would be definitely too much! So I opted for the ring and the fake septum.


Lovely bag is lovely! I already got a lot of nice comments for it when I wore it for the first time out in public:) As some of you might know I am a big fan of weirdly shaped bags and a round one is common but not a regular shape you find everyday. Furthermore I like the texture of it a lot – the letters, the moon phases, the circles and the pentagram are really foregrounded.


Last but not least is my first pair of Killstar shoes – the Malice Platform Trainers! They are pretty, comfortable but also high. I really have to dedicate my attention to walking when I wear them . . I nearly twisted my ankle once D: Additionaly to that I am not used to have some extra centimetres in height so it is also weird to use stairs xD

IMG_9482beloI do love the pattern on the sides and the logo on the front, so elegant and subtle but still sporty!

So, what do you think? Would a septum suit me?
Do you have any experience with septums in general?
Thank you for stopping by!





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