Crafty Coven: Marbling with Nail Polish

IMG_9520beHello lovelies,

here is my second DIY on this blog! If you did not see the first one, here is the link to it: *click* This time it is about marbling items with nail polish. I saw it on some blogs and of course also on Pinterest and I always wanted to try it! I used the opportunity to make something beautiful for my flat and for Mother´s Day 😀


You need:
~ Items you want to marble (porcelain, glass)
~ Nail polish and Nail polish remover
~ cotton swipes and cotton buds
~ some skewers
~ a bucket
~ rubber gloves
~ some newspapers or other stuff to protect your table
~ hot water


First I cleaned the pot I wanted to marble so all fat residue is gone. I laid some newspaper on my table not to mess it up and to have a place where my marbled goods could dry. I heated some water and let it sit for a while so it is not too hot for me. I only used 2-3 drops of the nail polish and also just one colour but you can definitely add more. Then you have to be quick and plunge the pot in quickly otherwise the nail polish makes a membrane and is unusable.


Afterwards I let them dry on the newspaper. Inbetween the adding of new nail polishes you may need to clean the water with the skewer to catch the loose nail polish or you need to use new water since it got too cold. And that is it!


Here you can see the outcome! I used silver, lilac and black on those succulent pots and I really like I did not mix them together which you usually do to marble things^^ Afterwards you can finalize it with clear coat spray so it stays on longer. I did not do it since I do not want to put them in the dish washer and I just rinse them in the sink.IMG_9520be

You can place them as you like and they always look different! As mentioned in the beginning I also made a present for my mum. I asked her which colours she wanted for her next decoration and I went for some vases I knew she did not have and this is the result:IMG_9529be

She really was happy to receive my gift and I was happy that she felt like that 🙂 In a nutshell it is easy DIY where you have to work quickly to get the best results and I had most of the stuff already at home as well!

Let me know what you think of marbling with nail polish!
Did you also try it yourself?
Thank you for stopping by!


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