Swapping Clothes @ Fesch’markt


Hello lovelies,

recently there was a Fesch’markt in Vienna! I would describe it as a big market with loads of brands and labels of fashion, art, design, accessories, furniture and food. So there is definitely something for everyone there 🙂 Sadly I did not have the chance to go there but I went to the ‘Kleidertauschbörse’ where you can bring your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and swap it with some new ones you find there.


The picture above shows the items I found. Even though I found it pretty difficult to find my style and size I got some nice pieces there!


I am really happy about those shoes! The velvety ones are a bit too big on me but I will fix it with a thicker insole – I never had that kind of shoe (I do not know how to call this style) and I am so lucky I got them! The other ones are comfortable and I always need new lace-up boots for festivals or autumn.


Here are some of the shirts I got there. Somehow I really like the tiger crop top but I am not sure why xD The batman shirt and the sport tanktop are both from H&M and I like them both. Igot the grey tanktop you see in the back because I really like the washed-out look.


Here is some stuff I like but I am not sure if I would wear them or use them for a DIY or something^^ The white shirt on the left is a Bring me the Horizon – Shirt, I think I will cut out the print and sew it onto a different shirt. I really like the cardigan but I am not so pleased with the red – black or lilac would be so much better! Maybe I will dye it.


I also got there some Partylite candles which are normally on the pricier side and I really like the scent. Additionally to that there was also a book swapping and I found some nice Emily the Strange books and beautiful deep red earrings. I also took some funny stickers of the event with me – I am looking forward to decorating my teacher´s book with it 😀


I made this outfit up when I came home from the swapping event and I really like it! The jeans short is the only piece I already had at home, the rest was swapped on that day. I love and hate those events – it is fun to declutter your own wardrobe and get rid of stuff you do not want to wear anymore and swap it with new clothes you like and it is good for our environment!

What do you think of swapping clothes?
Do you like my quick outfit flat lay?
Let me know it in the comments!



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