Kailijumei Jelly Lipstick: A flower inside


Hello lovelies,

I finally had some time to take some pictures and really concentrate on it – thanks to my holidays! Now I am at my parents and enjoying barbecue and a nice garden which I both really miss in Vienna! I photographed a pretty cool lipstick I ordered a while ago:


The brand is called Kailijumei and you can find tons of them on Ebay and Amazon!


This is the lipstick outside its wrapping. It is pretty simple and looks a bit cheap to me, maybe because it is a lot of plastic.


Here is it in all its glory! Isn’t it pretty? I got the lilac/pink version of it and it is so soft on the lips and gives them a slight tint of colour.


I do not really want to use it since it so pretty . . a further question is: How can I use the full lipstick when there is the flower halfway in it? D: I did not think of that before I purchased the product!

Tell me your opinion about it!
Do you like it?
Would you buy it?



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