Party with Mjolnir


Hello lovelies,

I am sorry for this long lack of posts! I had a time-out of the most social platforms I am on, that are Facebook and Instagram. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of time for friends and family. This was also exhausting but still pleasing to meet everyone again. This week me and my boyfriend will be on vacation for some days too, so this is going to be the last post until at least monday. Onto the topic, I wore this outfit to a metal party night with friends:


Necklace, Creepers: EMP // Shirt: H&M // Skirt, Belt: Primark // Bag: Killstar

The outfit is pretty plain black so I focussed on my necklace and the make-up.


A short winged eyeliner and dark red lips accomplished my look. I hoped it worked out 😉 Somehow I felt a bit more adult which is sometimes hard for me to believe I am one of these grown-ups who knows what do to xD


Yep, I wore my Creepers again! But they are on of my most comfortable shoes to go out in, they look good and emphasize certain styles I like to wear. Sorry, not sorry 🙂


So, here is the last pic of this post which I think is really funny xD I am still wondering what the pose should mean or what the purpose of it could be . . well, if you have any ideas do not hestitate to write me in the comments xD It is so awkward but comical xD Thank you for stopping by!





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