Vacation in Lower Austria


Hello lovelies,

I am finally back on track after my vacation! Me and my boyfriend stayed in Semmering, a location in Lower Austria. We got there by train and it took us an hour from Vienna to go there. It was so convenient for us! In Semmering we stayed at a sport hotel but we did not make any photos of it at all xD


On our arrival day we made it there without getting caught in the rain! This was our view from the balcony where we watched the storm coming and giving it all. Left in the picture you can already see the rain pouring on a hill far away.


On the next morning we had a sunny day with a lot of refreshing wind. Here you can see fog crawling over hills and nearby houses. This day we went for a hike which was described as a walk. It did not bother us but I am pretty sure many tourists would make the same mistake and cannot do the hike.


On the following day we went to see the ‘Eisteich’ (would translate to ice pond). It was a nice walk and we refreshed us there. You can also see the Eisteich in the first picture of this post.


My boyfriend is a huge fan of panorama shots so he made that one. It really turned out good and I am wondering where all the people went who were also at the pond xD


The water was so clear and clean, some people also swam in there but it was pretty cold. I was bothered by the stones in and around the pond a lot. It hurt so much to go to it and get the light sloping back up. Afterwards we went to play Minigolf in a nearby garden. I won with one point in advance 😀


In the evening we had a nice drink on a comfortable sun lounger, we earned it. It was also our last night there. Somehow we realized we just now started to relax and let go and our vacation was nearly over. The next time we know to book definitely longer!


The sun gave its best for the evening but in the night it rained again.


On our last day we got up early, had our breakfast and left the hotel to catch our train back to Vienna. In the train station was this huge moth. It was long as a trigger finger! It is so sad I was not able to find out which moth it was. I looked it up on the internet but I could not find any similarities there.

It was really beautiful to have this paradise of woods an hour away from Vienna. It reminded me of all the hikes I made with my family when I was younger. Maybe I should do that more often. Otherwise I really like vacations in other countries too where I explore cities like Tokyo, Barcelona or Paris.

Which vacation do you enjoy more?
I hope you enjoyed the impressions of my holidays too!




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