Crafty Coven: Painting Pottery


Hello lovelies,

Here is a pretty old DIY from last year, in Vienna there are some shops called ‘Made by you‘. There you can paint ready made pottery with provided paint colours. From mug to etagere there are so many possibilities you can paint there! Here is the result of my first visit there!


I opted for a etagere to have a new place for my jewellery! I wanted as many colours I like as possible on it and so I came to the galaxy theme I still love even if it is already a bit outdated^^


It was fun to prime the plates first with black and then adding more colours layer by layer. Everything cloudy or dusty was applied with a sponge, the smaller splashes came through a toothbrush!


It was pretty hard to choose the right colours since they do not look the same before they get baked. Despite that I think it turned out pretty well even I am not that glad about that red on the smallest plate.


This holidays I want to go there again and paint some more pottery! The atmosphere there is so familial, artsy and really inspiring! I am really glad I got such possibilities in Vienna, otherwise I would never buy some clay and colours and do this all myself.

Do you have a similar shop also in your town?
Do you like the outcome and want to see the next work too?


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