Witch Casket: July 2017


Hello lovelies,

this is my third Witch Casket and I am loving it more and more every month ❤ The subscription box came also earlier so I am finally able to open and blog about it in the intended  month! If you want to know about the box *click here* to get to my first post about it! The topic of the month is ‘Moon’:


It is the same box design as every month – it is always wrapped in black outer plastics so noone sees what you buy there. This time it was so squished it was hard to open properly. I do not know what these post people do to them.


Opening the box up you see a business card, a thank you – letter from the founders and the list of content. It also had an interesting scent to it which came from an item in the box.4be

This is the list of content so you can see what everything is and also check if everything is here. Undeneath you can see all items as a flatlay:


I really love the topic of this month! The colour scheme was better thought through in the last two boxes but I adore so many things in there I can ignore that. 😉
Here are detail pics of the items:


Again a hand soap was included! It smells like lily of the valley, really sweet and floral. The tin is so cute, I hope to find a reason to use it often! This time the parchment roll was full of information about the moon and its energy. The wooden moon coaster /altar tile is too beautiful to put drinking glasses on it. Maybe I should hang it on a wall.


Here are the art prints of the box! I really like the Bad Witch Club card, it is from RIP Bambi. The black and white colours and the scribbly writing is so my style. The witch with all her magical belongnings is from Rebeca Elena, sadly I could not find any website of her.


Here are my most favourite items of the box! As I said above I am a huge fan of black and white and the Dream Journal is just perfection. The necklace is from Curiology, a brand which also was represented in the last box. I am not fond of the blue necklace but I can change that easily.


Every box until now included Incense Sticks, this one smelled sweet and powdery like ‘Moon’. This means I finally HAVE to buy incense holder to use them. Furthermore a jasmine tea and a Rainbow moon stone were in there – tea and a stone are elements of every box.

All in all I have to say I am pretty happy with nearly all of the items of this months Witch Casket. Some things I am not really keen on are the necklace but I will fix that and the moon coaster which is a but uneven and would look better in black for me.
What are your opinions to subscription boxes?
Which one do you like or have subscribed to?
What do you think about Witch Casket?




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