Harajuku Fashion Walk Vienna 2017


Hello lovelies,

on the 25th of July was the International Harajuku Fashion Day all around the world! Of course did the Austrian community also organize a Harajuku Fashion Walk in Vienna. Sadly it was on a tuesday which is not the best day for some working people therefor we were a pretty small group. Before I went there I met up with some colleagues I did not see for a long time:202649belo

They wanted to get to know some japanese tea and so we went to Cha No Ma 茶の間, a really typical japanese Café. I have been there twice and I loved it every time! I really want to visit Japan again soon ❤ I had a Matcha Latte and some Akizuki Mochis!


Afterwards I met Yaya to go together to the meeting point. On our way there we saw this funny dude playing accordion with a horse mask on his head. It was so hat that day, I do not know how he could handle that!


This was our selfie of the day which was taken from Duplica! From left to right here are: myself, Emma, Yaya and Duplica!


Headband: selfmade // Sunglasses: Witch Worldwide // Necklace: Bubbles Tokyo // Dress: Killstar // Sandals: Deichmann

My outfit for that day was pretty simple because it was way too hot to dress up, at least in my opinion. Sadly you cannot see my fancy, new backpack I bought from Killstar some weeks ago. We had a lovely photographer who made all our photos that day. Afterwards we made our Fashion Walk Way to the Café Neko:2029be

Neko is japanese an means cat, the Café is therefor the only one in Vienna with living cats inside! I ordered some elder juice and a so-called ‘vanilla kitten’. It tasted like a rice dough with some vanilla flavour. I have to say I was a bit disappointed because there was just a hint of vanilla in there and I expected more.


Group shot! It was so cool to see so many different styles: Shiro Nuri, Decora, Lolita, Gothic, Gyaru(ish) and Otome. In retrospective I am a bit unhappy with my outfit because I seem pretty dull compared to the other beauties.DSC_0139beI hope next year we get more people to come to our Harajuku Fashion Day! Additionaly I want to make an effort choosing the next year´s outfit!
Anyway I hope you like my outfit and the others too!

Thank you for stopping by!




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