I did something.


Hello lovelies,

I am back and I did something. As you might remember from this post I was thinking about getting my septum pierced because I really liked the look of it on other people and on me when wearing some fake ones. I got some positive feedback when I posted it online and talked to many friends about it if it would suit me and if it would be inappropriate for a teacher to have a piercing.


I watched so many videos about the septum piercing and the pro and contras I dared to get a appointment on monday this week! I chose the Piercingstudio Wien which is one of the studios with the most positive feedback in Vienna and they have a very informative website too!


I felt really save there and the piercer did tell me exact the same I found out through research on the internet. Actually I wanted a ring first but he recommended to use the “U” shaped Circular Barbell or so-called Horseshoe because it would heal better. Of course I opted for it since I was not sure how a piercing would heal on me in general. The longer I am wearing it I am starting to like it too 🙂IMG_0132belo

On a the scale from 1 to 10 the pain was a 1-2. I expected it to be so much worse and I did not have to cry at all. Afterwards I got the ProntoLind Spray and Gel from the studio which is especially made for piercing and tattoo aftercare. I am so happy with it and the healing process is also going pretty well. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I am a bit startled to see it XD I am still getting used to it ❤

So, what do you think about piercings?
Do you like or hate my septum?



3 thoughts on “I did something.

  1. Yeahhh!! I’m so happy for your new piercing! Septum piercing looks stunning on you! I agree with you, the pain of getting it done isn’t that bad, for me it was more of a shock, worth it for sure! ^_^
    Are you planning on getting any other piercing or just keeping the horseshoe?
    Kinga xx


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