No God But Pizza

IMG_0107beHello lovelies,

I have a new outfit for you featuring some new Killstar stuff! I wore this outfit for a pretty relaxed evening with pizza, wine and lovely friends. Therefor I wanted to match the theme of course: No God but Pizza
Yep, I do not believe in God but  maybe there is some sort of power or energy over/around us. So I do not have problems wearing such things with sayings like that.


Bomber jacket, dress: Killstar // Bag, tights: gifted // Shoes: Humanic

Acutally the dress is a shirt but it is way too long on me which comes also in handy for me. I bought it on sale because I love the print and the saying a lot! It is so cool and simple and easy to combine and etertained some of my friends too 😉IMG_0062beI was pretty satisfied with my make up that day! Silvery grey eye shadow, winged eyeliner and a deep cranberry red lip  from Lime Crime  in the colour ‘Dream Girl’ finished the look. You can find that shade and more of them in my recent haul: *here*


No God


But Pizza!


This was the bag I carried with me that evening. It is nearly too small for all my stuff therefor I do not wear it often enough. But I am so in love with the holographic colour (?) and the geometric structure all over it.


I wore some simple combat boots to be prepared for the eventually coming rain and some very airy fishnet tights to survive in this humidity. I had luck this night, it did not rain and I came home dry!


The bomber jacket was a bit useless since it was still too hot and it is made out of velvet. I have to learn not to buy so many clothing items made out of velvet, it really limits the wearing time to the colder months of the year. But I love velvet so much ❤

I hope you liked the outfit and do not feel insulted by my opinion about God. I think religions are some frameworks to give humans hope and something to hold on to in their worst situations. Let me know your opinion too!





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