Hello lovelies,

I am sorry for the lack of postings again but the first week of work hit me hard and this weekend was way to stuffed with events and friends! On the one hand I feel sorry for not sticking to my blog plan but on the other hand I want to be with my friends and have fun in ‘real’ life when it is possible. I hope you can understand that or even share my opinion.
So, actually I wanted to show you my presents I got for my birthday from friends and family! Not to show off or anything, I just want to share with you how thoughtful and nice people are:


I got some chain of lights in roségold cage design and some black origami ones, so awesome! I wanted some lights for a while now and here I have them 🙂


Moving further I got the shoes and the backpack from my parents! I also got a black off-shoulder top from them but it was so wrinkly from its time in my suitcase I threw it immediately in the washing machine. I am so in love with the print and I am pretty aware it will be hard to coordinate them with this dark floral pattern!


I did not have any pointed shoes until my 24th birthday! I like the ‘Goth Pikes’ feel to it with the tip and the buckles but it is in a more casual way so they are not that flashy but still fancy.


I got this shirt from my boyfriend: Black, Cheshire Cat, stripes, Supernatural and Dean
He totally got it right 🙂


From a dear friend I got some Lush bathbombs called ‘Twilight’ and Galaxy Bomb’. I already tried the last one a year before and I loved it! It is so kind of her to go in this shop even though she hates those extreme scents, I really appreciate it!


Additionally she gifted me a choker with a pretty silver triangular pendant and a soft velvet-like more stringed necklace! So pretty ❤


My sister and her boyfriend got me a giant Oreo box filled with Oreos and a a candle in this roségold apple form. They also provided me some money so I can buy the version of ‘Cards against Humanity’ for myself which I really want.


For my party I did not have time to bake a cake or prepare anything bigger so I bought one of these frozen ones. I got the ‘Paula Fleckenkuchen’ which is cake with chocolate and vanilla flan in it. As I thought it was pretty sweet but still eatable. I really liked the pattern of it 😀

I hope you enjoyed the post! Thank you for stopping by!



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