Lush Haul 2017


Hello lovelies,

October is the best month for me to go shopping at Lush because they launch their new Halloween products! Therefor this is my time to do my annual purchases for the next year xD Yep, those bath bombs nearly last a year because it takes me months to bring myself to use them and waste their beauty in the water xDD Anyway this is what I bought:


~ Grease Lightning: *click*
~ Ambrosia Shaving Cream: *click*
~ Bewitched Present: *click*
~ Lord of Misrule Bathbomb: *click*
~ Metamorphosis Bathbomb: *click*


Here are the bathbombs in their unwrapped state: On the left is Metamorphosis, on the right Lord of Misrule. I really liked both for their scents and their appearance so I had to buy them 🙂


Moving on to the Bewitched present I bought it because I like the cat (and the) content! It was my first time buying a present so I was really excited opening it 😀


Inside was the Bewitched Bubblebath shaped like the cat, a Lord of Misrule shower cream and a jelly bomb called Secret Arts. The last one is an online exclusive one if you do not buy the bundle.

I am looking forward to using them all but not until I used the other 2 bath bombs which are still waiting to get dropped into water and dissolve into the sink (still sad).

Let me know your thoughts about Lush and its products!
Which one do you like the best?
Do you like halloween or christmas more for buying seasonal treats?



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