Purchases and Gifts from HalloWien


Hello lovelies,

here is my next post about HalloWien! If you do not know what I am talking about, check out this post: *click*  Now I want to show you what I got at the teaparty! As a staff there I did not get everything the guests got, I just had more work ;P But I also rewarded myself with a dress from Haenuli which was more money than I wanted to spend xD


I start with the goodie bags! Me and some organizers filled them together with all the flyers we got from the shops and sponsors  on one evening. So we were the first ones to check out Haenulis present for us. It was a comic, a catalogue, post cards and a sheet protector with her latest design on it.


Here are all the post cards from Haenuli. They also show her latest designs aswell.


Here you can see some post cards I was able to snatch for me since I really liked the drawings ❤ It is so matching the event and witchy too I love it!


Furthermore the VIP´s got some tights from Haenuli in their goodie bag and we, the stuff, ordered some too. I recently bought a dress with church windows on it so I thought it would match well. I wore this outfit on the next day to the Bring&Buy so be prepared for it 🙂IMG_0560be

Now onto the dress I bought from Haenuli: It is called ‘Just one bite’ and it its about the fairytale Snow White and the seven dwarfs. It was pretty expensive but I love a beautiful black and white dress with loads of details you never catch at once ❤ Additionally Nunu, the designer, was so lovely and gave every member of Gothic Lolita Austria who helped an Illustration book from ‘The story you don’t know’ which I thought about buying it because I really love the print.


Look at all the pattern included in this motive, it is stunning! If you want to get more pics of the dress click here for more: *click*


My friend Yaya and me were responsible for the raffle like last year. No, we did not know what everyone got since we slapped the numbers on like the things came in our hands, so we also did not know what we were getting. I had the luck to get the  plushie back I sponsored (xD) and a present from Cloudberry Lady. It included a hand mirror, a magnet, stationery, a cute witch card and a gift voucher!


The witch is so lovely painted I definitely will keep it somewhere to see it every day! The note on the back was wonderful to read too ❤
I am pretty happy with my purchases and gifts I got!

Stay tuned for some outfits soon!







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