HalloWien – my Outfit


Hello lovelies,

finally I got all my pictures together, so I can show you what I wore to HalloWien, the latest Lolita event in Vienna! I bought this dress last year online when I was in Japan. I knew I had to get it because I never saw such a design on any other dress! Additionally I really liked the pattern of it too and so I found my dress for HalloWien 🙂


Picture by Greencat

Beret: Listen Flavor // Choker: Glad News // Bolero, Tights: old // Dress: Haenuli // Bag: Killstar // Boots: Demonia


I went for the creepy look and added some skeleton hands to match the bodice of the dress. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the backside of the beret but you can also check it out here on my old blog: *click*


The dress is so gorgeous, I am so happy I bought it!


The bag I wore with this outfit is already a stable on this blog since I use it pretty often. It is the ‘Alana Handbag’ from Killstar: *click*  I still love this bag to death, the imprints are so beautiful ❤


I wore some fishnet tights for the more punky look and added my Poison 101 Booties from Demonia for some more studs, pentacles and chains. I was so glad I brought another pair of flat shoes with me, in the end my feet really did hurt a lot – Beauty is Pain 😮


This was our organization team! I think we really did a great job on that day and there were not any bigger problems at all. I am proud of myself for providing such a neat raffle together with Yaya, we do make a really great team ❤ But I am glad the teaparty madness is over for at least a year 😉

Thank you  for stopping by!



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